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Presenting the TECH30 2017

YourStory’s pick of the top 30 technology startups from India

The coveted list of Tech30 startups for this year was announced on the second day of TechSparks on September 23. Starups from Artificial Intelligence (AI), healthtech, cyber security, and cryptocurrency made it to the list.

It was an exhilarating two days which saw the best of the tech and startup world coming together. Like every year, we are proud to announce our pick of India’s most promising technology startups – the TECH30.

This year’s theme was Make It Matter where we brought honest stories of success, struggle, and failure from doers and thinkers both in India and abroad. And here are this year’s brightest sparks, the companies that made it matter and it to the Tech30 list

Techsparks About EnCloudEn

EnCloudEn is a technology platform to deliver and manage private cloud-based IT infrastructure, helping mid-size organisations attain their IT transformation swiftly at less than half the cost.

EnCloudEn helps with:

  • Private, cloud-based IT for organisations looking to set up an internal datacentre
  • On-premise private cloud as a better alternative to public cloud (AWS/Azure)
  • Consolidation of IT workloads with private cloud
  • IT deployments with hybrid cloud possibilities
  • Deployment of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
  • Delivery of IT for users in a bring your own device (BYOD) model

EnCloudEn is co-founded by Abinash Saikia, Satya Kishore and Vishwa Vijoyendra Narayan.

Some of the TECH30 alumni include Capillary Technologies, Forus Health, Moonfrog Labs, Loginext, Freshdesk and more.

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