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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

There’s no doubt Indian pharmaceutical industry is growing at a high rate and over the last five years we have observed a CAGR of more than 15% [1] and there’s still significant growth opportunities to unlock. However, to maintain the same path, the industry has to adapt and think of innovative ideas to fasten the R&D process while following compliance guidelines and safeguarding critical information.

With the increasing pressure on IT security by various drug regulatory agencies around the world, pharma companies have started investing heavily on their IT infrastructure, making it more secure, cost-effective and scalable to meet the future demands.

One such technology is VDI. Virtual desktop infrastructure is the next stage of virtualization and is becoming popular in high growth companies with distributed teams. With VDI, a desktop operating system is hosted on a centralized server in the data centre. The desktop image is shared over the network to the endpoint devices, where a user can access and interact with the image with the help of endpoint devices like PC or thin-client or even a mobile device.

VDI brings in many advantages to safeguard the company’s proprietary information by only allowing permission-based access to virtual desktops and the team members can use any device, anywhere without any difference in user experience. And in case the device is lost or stolen, there’s no need to worry as the data is stored on a centralized server, not on the local device. Let’s explore the major security use cases of VDI.

Major Security Use Cases of VDI

Secure Virtual Desktops: VDI platform gives you both inbound as well as outbound security. The level-based segmentation gives you protection and containment in case of any malware/ransomware attack and on the other, you have a full range of control on how a user accesses the organization’s data. A complete secure encryption protocol ensures that all communication is with real-time protection.

Full Control Over Data: SInce VDI operates on OS hosted in an inhouse server thus data stays inside the organization and never leaves the network. You can rely on VDI infra with your confidential information and research data. One can also disable the copy/paste over the VDI which is done by creating an impenetrable boundary between the user’s laptop and the virtual machine that he/she accesses.

Manage USB Redirection or Blocking: A major threat is posed by various input devices like USB, thumb or pen drives. With VDI you now have the power to disable or enable the USB redirection for all users or for some specific users. One can also pre-approve/pre-install the required drivers on the virtual desktops before handing them out to the users and can also monitor the user access.

Remote Access Without VPNs: With VDI you don’t need dedicated VPN lines, users can access the information outside the local area network with a simple internet connection. This is also beneficial in case of contractors working from overseas, all you need is a thin client or a VDI connector desktop app to access required information. Users from outside will download a VDI connector on their systems. They will connect through this secure connector which will only send encrypted images to the user. This ensures no data flows out of the companies premises and also there is no risk of getting infected by the user’s system.

Other Benefits of Implementing VDI

Low Operations Cost- With VDI, you don’t need a full-fledged personal computer configured for every user. VDI reduces the cost by providing more lightweight devices (or endpoints) to employees and it can be easily configured in realtime to meet one’s work demand. This additionally helps you to avoid the cost associated with upgrading or purchase of new hardware. In fact older existing systems can also be reused as end-points with EnCloudEn VDI to connect to the virtual desktop.

Quick IT Turnaround- Onboarding and deboarding of users can be done in real-time with a centralized management console without getting into acquiring and waiting for hardware delivery. A virtual desktop can be created for the user in under a minute. Simply assign access credentials for the user, connect a thin client (or download a connector) and they are good to go.

Centralized Desktop Management- Since VDI works from a centralised server, it is very easy for the IT administrators to manage the user desktops, settings and IT policies from a central point. And for any required patching, IT only has to apply the patch to the master image and VDI ensures that all virtual desktops are up to date and in sync. Similarly, application management and licenses are also a lot easier to manage through pre-defined templates.

Why EnCloudEn?

EnCloudEn offer a true & complete VDI in a box without the need for any third-party software. It is built on a comprehensive private cloud platform and provides inbuilt capabilities of storage & network and can also run on the native EnCloudEn HCI base giving the best performance & on-demand scalable architecture. We provide a 360-degree monitoring via our Louvre platform which shows in-depth capacity utilization ranking across the entire cluster, teams, hosts, VMs as well as processes inside the VMs.

Keeping the IT admins in mind we created a solution which allows IT to create network isolated teams and projects, which can be given quotas and self-service access with its own policies for better integration in terms of security & performance. In terms of security, we provide extra malware protection because of the network micro-segmentation feature which contain the spread of any virus/malware in case of an attack.

We understand that data security is the foremost requirement for pharmaceutical companies hence we came up with the solutions to take care of this. Our solutions are compatible and capable of supporting applications that were even built more than a decade ago in the pharmaceutical domain. It’s a highly available, load-balanced private cloud that is designed to work as well with the legacy applications as the modern ones.

India’s largest biopharmaceutical company trusts EnCloudEn VDI for its users. Click here to read more about how we helped them to maximize their productivity or contact us to talk about your requirements.

[1] Source: “India Pharma Inc: Gearing up for the next level of growth”.

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